Organization for the Development of Border Communities of Cenepa (ODECOFROC)

The Organization for the Development of the Border Communities of the Cenepa Basin, ODECOFROC, is an Awajun Indigenous organization that was created in the 70s and re-funded in 1995. It operates along the Cenepa River basin in the Northeastern Amazon of Peru bordering Ecuador, covering 388,277 hectares of forest with a rich biodiversity, serving 10,000 Indigenous Awajun, including 25 land-titled communities and 10 annexed communities. ODECOFROC’s headquarters is in the Awajun community of Mamayaque in the Condorcanqui province, Amazonas region. The organization’s objectives are to: (1) promote and guide the development of associated communities based on criteria of sustainability, biodiversity conservation and respect for the values of the Awajun people; (2) legalize, protect and defend communal territories in accordance with national laws and international treaties; (3) effectively promote bilingual intercultural education, the recognition and revaluation of the cultural values of the Awajun people and the promotion and progressive improvement of young people; (4) promote and develop health, with special attention to indigenous health systems; (5) promote the participation of men and women in the definition, development, and management of the district, in coordination with municipal authorities; and (6) contribute to the peaceful development of the border region.