2014 Grants

Our 2014 list includes all grants from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.

Climate Advocacy

Asociacion Interamericana Para La Defensa Del Ambiente (AIDA), Columbia, $80,000 (2-year)
To provide legal and technical support to attorneys working with communities to improve protections for the environment and the human right to a healthy environment, and to strengthen the capacity of organizations and governments to use the law for environmental protection.

Climate Justice Alliance, United States, $60,000 (2-year)
Funded via Movement Strategy
To deepen and popularize the concept of Just Transition based on principles of environmental justice; to strengthen and develop climate and Just Transition policy and to build strategic relationships to strengthen the broader climate justice movement.

E-Tech International, Peru & Ecuador, $80,000 (2-year)
To support requests from indigenous federations in Peru for independent evaluations of oil field pollution, remediation and monitoring strategies, and to collaborate with universities on these topics. To build collaboration with universities and local governments in Ecuador on large-scale mining issues and provide requested training on the environmental risks and best practices.

Honor the Earth, United States, $20,000
Funded via White Earth Land Recovery Project
To augment grassroots and tribal opposition to extreme extraction in the Great Lakes region and to transition their community to a restored indigenous economy.

Indigenous Environmental Network, United States and Global, $20,000
To support organizing, campaigns, advocacy, network building and policy development for Native and Indigenous Peoples working for environmental and economic justice.

West Coast Environmental Law, British Columbia, Canada, $20,000
Funded via the Tides Foundation U.S.
To support First Nations’ use of Indigenous law to assert their governance rights over their land and resources.

Global Networks and Collaboration

Global Alliance for the Future of Food, Global, $40,000 (2-year)
Funded via New Venture Fund
To support the Global Alliance, a project of New Venture Fund, in its efforts to organize philanthropic leadership on cultivating healthy, equitable, renewable, resilient, and culturally diverse food and agriculture systems.

Groundswell International Inc., Global, $200,000 (2-year)
To allow Groundswell to expand and improve their work with community-based organizations, to improve lives, and promote a transition to healthier farming and food systems, by deepening and spreading agroecological farming, strengthening local food economies and linking networks and movements to create an enabling context.

International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI), Global, $50,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To strengthen indigenous women’s leadership and empowerment through leadership training, capacity building and small grants programs that promote biological and cultural diversity.

Land is Life, Global, $180,000 (3-year)
To support the network of Indigenous leaders that work to safeguard the rights of indigenous peoples by bringing together indigenous and non-indigenous peoples to protect lands, cultures, and biodiversity for all of humanity.

Latin American Biodiversity Alliance, Latin America, $30,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To support the publication of this ten organization alliance from Latin America to promote food sovereignty, self-governance, community control of native seeds, Indigenous People’s territories and community economic resiliency.

Rudolf Steiner Foundation Inc., Global, $50,000
To make grants through the Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Learning Fund to support Indigenous lifeways and knowledge systems around the world through an Indigenous-led collaborative process.

The Oakland Institute, Global, $100,000 (2-year)
To continue investigative research, advocacy, alliance building, and strengthening of local and national capacity in developing countries to challenge land grabs while proactively building an alternative vision for development.

Land Stewardship, Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity

African Center for Biodiversity, Africa, $100,000 (2-year)
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To work towards food sovereignty and agroecology in Africa, with particular emphasis on the protection, recognition and policy support of farmer managed seed systems.

Asociacion ANDES, Peru, $80,000 (2-year)
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To strengthen ANDES organizational structure, enable institutional growth, and advance a program of work and actions in support of rights-based approaches to build holistic landscapes for food sovereignty and alternative economies in the face of climate change.

blueEnergy, Nicaragua, $25,000
To strengthen the adaptive capacity of an indigenous Rama and Kriol community for climate change through the creation of a demonstration garden with traditional edible plants.

Center for Mind Body Medicine, U.S., $40,000
To improve the physical and psychological wellbeing of urban and reservation American Indians in South Dakota with effective tools for self-care.

Colectivo Nationale de Ecuador, Ecuador, $40,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To shift the consumption patterns of 250,000 Ecuadorians to purchase food produced by small holder farmers practicing agroecological production techniques. They aim to work on a certification process and as a result of their work create a more healthy population, environment and economy. 

Cultural Conservancy, Global, $80,000 (2-year)
Through trainings, exchanges and a secure web portal, they aim to empower transformative leadership in food sovereignty and sacred land protection among nine communities, part of their Mino Niibi grant partnership based in Turtle Island (California, British Columbia, New Mexico and Mexico), the Pacific (Hawai’i, Guam, and Aotearoa, New Zealand) and the Andean mountain communities of Bolivia and Peru. 

EarthRights International, Peru, $30,000
To conduct legal advocacy and provide support for Indigenous groups, threatened by unsustainable and environmentally deleterious development in the Amazon.

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW), Ecuador, $25,000
To support ELAW’s collaboration with ECOLEX in Ecuador to train individuals and communities to defend their biological and cultural diversity from mining industry abuses.

Fundacion Gaia Amazonas, Colombia, $180,000 (3-year)
To promote processes for autonomy and environmental governance, and to guarantee the conservation of the northwest Amazon, from a cultural perspective and based on the indigenous vision of conservation.

Fundacion Semillas de Vida, Mexico, $25,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To reinforce our activities concerning seed preservation supporting Indigenous communities to conserve their native seeds and to strengthen civic participation in the class action suit filed against the introduction of genetically modified maize in Mexico.

Global Greengrants Fund, Global, $200,000(2-year)
To support grantmaking for communities working at the grassroots level to protect the environment, live sustainably, preserve biodiversity, and gain a voice in their own future.

Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty, Global, $85,000 (2-year)
Funded via Bioversity International
To inspire local knowledge revival to reaffirm the identity, pleasure and wellbeing that participating Indigenous communities derive from their local food and ecological practices, and to showcase, at a 2015 international gathering, how indigenous communities use biocultural diversity practices for overall wellbeing.

Land is Life/Ashinwaka, Ecuador, $52,000 (2-year)
To support the Association of Sapara Women in Ecuador and the Sapara communities and territory.

MiningWatch Canada, Canada, $70,000 (2-year)
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To empower mining-affected communities in Ecuador and Peru with information, skills and allies to defend their individual and collective rights and to challenge Canada’s role in such mining abuses.

Office of Wet’suwet’en, Canada, $60,000 (2-year)
Funded via the Tides Foundation U.S.
To assist the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs and membership in addressing proposed resource extraction projects on their territory by asserting Wet’suwet’en title, rights and authority to protect their long term interests.

Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM), Belize, $150,000 (3-year)
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To enable Maya communities in southern Belize to defend their human rights, lands and culture, to protect the environment, and create models of sustainable development.

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, British Columbia, Canada, $40,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To provide technical assistance and services to various conservation and indigenous organizations located in Northwest BC, Canada.

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, British Columbia, Canada, $90,000 (2-year)
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To continue delivering community conservation programs and to support First Nations in the Skeena who share an aligned vision for clean water, intact ecosystems and increased resiliency in their watershed and communities.

SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, British Columbia, Canada, $25,000
To support the promotion of a collective regional approach by First Nations to address the potential cumulative impacts of proposed development in the Sacred Headwaters.

SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, British Columbia, Canada, $80,000 (2-year)
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To provide support to the Wet’suwet’en in developing a comprehensive rebuilding plan for endangered Morice sockeye salmon and support a response based program for critical issues affecting First Nations.

Yunesit’in Government, British Columbia, Canada, $30,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To launch the Yunesit’in Soo’nah (elder brother) program, which will form the organizational foundation for the Dasiqox Tribal Guardian Program.

Resilient Local Economies

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), U.S. & Global, $35,000
To support the Local Economy Fellowship, a program that builds capacity and connectivity of local economy pioneers to foster the emergence of a new economy.

Root Capital Inc., Africa & Latin America, $30,000
To promote sustainable agricultural business models by piloting an expansion of Root Capital’s advisory services that would enable existing and potential clients to strengthen their environmental management capacity.

Sole Foods, Vancouver, Canada $120,000 (3-year)
Funded via Tides Foundation U.S.
To provide operating and staff support for Sole Food Street Farms. Sole Food Farms farmers are residents of Vancouver’s downtown eastside, many considered as “hard to employ” due to personal challenges such as addiction or mental illness. Sole Food grows amazing food and people.

Storyteller’s Foundation, British Columbia, Canada, $50,000 (2-year)
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund
To increase the resiliency of local Indigenous people so that they thrive as land based citizens and assert their power to overcome threats to their ecosystems.

Transform Finance, United States, $70,000 (2-year)
Funded via the New Venture Fund
To enable Transform Finance to expand its programs around community engagement in finance and to develop training programs for social entrepreneurs and social justice leaders.

Discretionary Grants

African Centre for Biodiversity, Africa, $4,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund

Community Agroecology Network (CAN), U.S. & Global, $5,000

Consultative Group on Biological Diversity, U.S., $2,000

Cultural Conservancy, U.S., $1,200

Earth Island Institute, U.S., $5,000

Earthworks, U.S. & Global, $2,000

ETC Group, Africa, $13,000
Funded via Friends of ETC Group

International Development Exchange (IDEX), Africa, Asia & Latin America $25,000

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP), U.S., $5,000

International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP), U.S., $1,650

Land is Life, Global, $5,000

Montana Water Stewards, United States, $10,000
Funded via Arlee Community Development Corporation

Resource Generation, U.S., $3,000

Saphichay, Peru, $10,000
Funded via LEAP Spiral

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, British Columbia, Canada, $20,000
Funded through Global Greengrants Donor Advised Fund

Slow Money, U.S., $5,000

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders, U.S., $2,000

The Oakland Institute, Global, $6,000




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